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Like all good stories, Nutra On, started with a blank page, a headful of ideas and a heartful of wondrous emotions. Over the years, in their own personal journeys of discovering health, the belief of all members of team Nutra On, united at one focal point – The path to good health was rooted in mother nature. The journey to unleashing human potential starts with the body and travels to the heart and mind. Nutra On focuses on unearthing human potential as well as healing through the path of Natural Nutrition. When the body’s pathways are naturally supported and boosted naturally, it responds in a healthy way. The saying “you are what you eat” is not for nothing; we take it a step further by proclaiming: “You are what you metabolize.”

At the heart of Nutra On lies the science of “Functional Medicine”.  At Nutra On, we invested in decades of scientific research to understand what the body wants and then we put our heart and soul into creating great nutrition products loaded with natural goodness to empower our customers in their journeys to a healthier self. We partner with our customers to discover health through scientifically researched plant-based, organic products, delivering a purity devoid of harmful chemicals and trace residues.

All our products have a source that is very painstakingly backward integrated to the deepest recesses of India and its roots. We source from the families living in the ‘Nilgiris & Coorg, the ‘Foothills of the Himalayas’, the deepest jungles of Central India. We rely on age-old methods of procurement used by the indigenous peoples for centuries. This helps us to create a livelihood for them and at the same time providing our customers with purity in its true form in Nutra On products.