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Board of Advisors

Dr. B. S. Rao

Empowering individuals to take charge of their health, live a healthy life and promote well-being.

When we think of people who work in healthcare, we are inclined to visualise them as people who are compassionate, caring, kind and patient. And this is what describes Dr. B.S. Rao as an individual. An engineer by profession, he has had a long career in IT in the ERP domain and has been associated with giants such as Oracle, Deloitte, Bearing Point etc in the US.

His journey to committing himself to improve the health of individuals is a captivating and inspiring one. While researching for a medical ERP program, he found it fascinating how the human body functioned and healed. What further piqued his curiosity, was the fact that all medicines were healing the symptoms. No one, not even the most qualified professionals, were able to satisfactorily answer his query “Why is a particular disease manifesting itself in the human body?” Thus began his quest to find answers to his questions. Such was his passion to discover the elixir of good health, that he went into a deep meditation  for several months in pursuit of satisfying his curiosity, during which he spent all his time reading, researching and gathering knowledge. To further enhance his knowledge and dig deeper, he enrolled for a PhD program.

He continued his research and discovered various things about food systems - How  the differences in consumption patterns,ingredients and preparation methods all impacted the “being” of the person who was consuming it - defining “The Health” of the individual. The key problem he found was that every disease was a manifestation of a problem typically of one part of the body impacting some other part of the body - showing up as the symptom. The crux of his research can be summed up in one sentence  “you are what you metabolize”. He goes a step further when he says “ you are what your mother ate when you were in the womb”.

His intense work on the “food” landscape of our generation , our geography, and the large and small health issues being faced by us led him to his life’s mission of finding and creating that “solution”. The commitment and passion which had paved the way for his research led  him to set up India’s first organic functional foods manufacturing unit and a supply chain that is Beyond Organic. Using 100% organic ingredients, he filtered out any non-productive, non-useful or in certain cases, molecular components of ingredients, that could be toxic to the body. Through extensive research, he has created a range of functional foods to treat specific health conditions. These products are 100% Bioavailable and help human bodies derive the maximum nutrition from the food consumed.

Dr. Rao is married with two well settled children, and he has devoted himself to the cause of creating good health for everyone for a healthier and happier society.

Astha Chaturvedi

A seasoned sales and marketing professional with a core strength of managing ambiguities in any business environment with a focus on transformation, take overs and start-ups – who in the process gained multiple skills in the space of consumer marketing, marketing operations, product management, sales and distribution.

And a second avatar which became an alter ego – A self-sculpted fitness & wellness buff, who gained experience as a runner, a climber, a deep-sea diver and continues to enrich her knowledge base by researching health food because she firmly believes – “you are what you metabolise”

In her professional journey spanning over 20 years, Astha has been a part of many a steller brand launches, including Hutch, which was lauded as the most impactful brand launch of its time. Later being a part of the Health & Wellness vertical in Britannia opened her eyes to the world of consumer marketing. This role gave her a deep understanding of the health Consumer, work she loved as it aligned with her passion of being fit in body and mind.

An avid traveller she has explored the Indian Himalayas on foot to an exceptionally large extent and remote locations like Red Rock Canyon country in central US (Utah & Colorado). She has experienced the Earth’s perfections in desolate, windy roads along the shores of Lake Superior and many more such experiences which went on to define & refine her. She became the founding member of Urban Climbers, a pioneering brand involved in the set-up of Rock-Climbing infrastructure & providing rock climbing training in India. Urban Climbers has put 9 children in India Jersey.

Astha became the obvious choice of leading Walnut Healthcare and Nutra On in its foray into the market, where she manages Sales, Marketing and Operations for the brand. Clearly, as a person who is defined by more than her work, her passion for fitness and sports allows her to bring unbound energy in all her endeavour.



Dr. M. Mufeeq

Aahar Param Aushadam.

Coming from humble beginnings, this motto has been the driving force behind Dr. Mufeeq’s vision. A graduate from Uttaranchal Ayurvedic College, he is a member of the International Ayurveda Academy.He has also been awarded the Uttarakhand State Award and the India Hemp Award. He is registered with the Delhi Bhartiya Chiktsa Parishad. As an Ayurvedic doctor, he has had a range of experiences,mapping close to ten years and currently practices at Ayurveda Sanjeevani at Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi.

Dr. Mufeeq’s interest in Ayurveda developed in his childhood while often visiting a Vaidya near his house. Over time, he began to marvel at the miracle that Ayurveda is. He even undertook Sanskrit as an elective in his school so that he could understand the field in a more comprehensive manner. What had truly touched his heart was the philanthropic nature of a Vaidya,of how seva dharma was given importance over all else.

Simple and straightforward by nature, Dr. Mufeeq believes in Manav Kalyan or human evolution as the ultimate aim of Ayurveda. In his eyes, each and every person has the right to health; no matter the background. His passion and staunch belief in Ayurveda as a discipline stems from his scientific temper,developed through his niche expertise and a multitude of professional experiences.

It is also Dr. Mufeeq’s view that as a universal rule, prevention is always better than cure; or as he puts it, “Aahar Param Aushadam”. In other words, if a person takes care of his or her fitness and health naturally, he or she would not feel the need for medication. He envisions this dream to become a reality for every person through Ayurveda, and works each day towards it.

Dr. Tanuj Veerbhan

A highly motivated Ayurveda graduate from Rajasthan University, Dr. Tanuj Veerbhan has been in this field for around twelve years. He has worked with Jiva Ayurveda, Gurgaon as a center Head; with Holistic Health care Ltd as an Ayurveda and Panchakarma Consultant-cum-Center Head; and also worked as a visiting Ayurveda Consultant at M.R. Ayurveda, Prachi herbals and Eminence skin clinic in Delhi. Presently, he is functioning as a Senior Consultant at Sanjivani Ayurvedashram and JIVA Ayurveda, Ghaziabad. He is also working as a Consultant at Zandu Ayurveda Clinic; Dabur Ayurveda Clinic, Ghaziabad; SS agency, Vasundhra; BPR Ayurveda, Vasundhra; and Laxmi Store, Nandgram in Delhi-NCR. While continuing to practice as a Consultant, he also runs his own clinic in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Veerbhan is a thorough professional with rich interpersonal skills. He has been invited on several TV debates on news channels such as Disha TV to impart his experienced perspective on medical emergencies such as Chikangunya and the Coronavirus disease. His work has also been published online, wherein he shares his expertise on various ailments through videos. Popular among his patients, the Vaidya is well-known for providing effective treatment for a plethora of medical issues. He is widely respected as one of the most experienced Ayurvedic Doctor in the field of lifestyle disorders, joint disease and infertility. He has largely found success in dealing with diseases such as Hepatitis B, Psoriasis, Vitiligo (Leucoderma), Lichen planus, Migraine, Chronic kidney disease, Fallopian Tube Blockage, PCOD, Azoospermia , Infertility and other chronic diseases. According to him, to heal an ailment, it is necessary to analyse and go deeper into the root of the problem and treat the condition thereon.

It is thus that Dr. Veerbhan finds his passion in Ayurveda. He feels that if a person takes care of himself or herself and sticks to consuming simple and organic food, there would be less risk of medical problems. His mission is to help the people around him and to make them more aware of their physical as well as mental wellness. Through is varied experience as an Ayurvedic professional, he sees his vision of a healthier world become true, one person at a time.